The University Students’ Council dropped 500 balloons today to boost student excitement for Charity Ball 2018.

A crowd of students cheered as the balloons rained onto the floor of the University Community Centre this afternoon. Students scrambled to find seven prize-filled balloons that included gift cards, event tickets or a USC platinum card. 

The USC also revealed the charity recipient for this year’s charity ball: the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

All proceeds will go to support Ethan, a two-year old who wishes to have a full bedroom makeover.

“I’m so excited. I won two charity ball tickets, so I’m definitely going to go and will bring a friend,” said Natalie Lawrence, third-year political sciences student. “I think doing promotions like this is a good way to get students involved who are not necessarily part of the organization.”

Abi Ravibalan is also a third-year political sciences student and won two concert tickets today.

“Going to charity ball is beneficial to a lot of people, so I would love to support it, and I think it’s great to do an advertisement like this,” said Ravibalan.

Waverly Shin, USC Charity Ball coordinator, said the event went even better than expected. 

“I am so excited and happy that so many people are excited about the Make-A-Wish Foundation,” she said.

Shin added that Charity Ball always tries to pick a local charity to support every year, so the proceeds can help the immediate community.

“In my four years, I’ve never seen a balloon drop in the UCC. The turnout was amazing and people loved it,” said Shin.

Tickets for charity ball will go on sale later this week.