The Times Higher Education has released its annual ranking of the world’s foremost international universities, and Western has landed in the top 200.

The list is formulated using performance indicators that hinge on a university’s ability to engage and recruit international students and scholars alike.

Western ranks at 155, while nine other Canadian universities are ranked even higher.

“Part of why we rank behind other Canadian universities is because the university system in Canada is so good. Really we are talking about degrees of excellence,” said Julie McMullin, vice-provost international.

McMullin has played a senior role in Western’s rise to becoming an internationally renowned university over the past three years.

“Western is an excellent institution in a country that has one of the best educational systems in the world,” McMullin said. “The heart of our international strategy is for Western to be a community of scholars that is globally aware and highly literate with regard to cross-cultural competencies.”

According to McMullin, Western’s ranking was achieved in part by encouraging students to partake in international experiences and connecting students with Western alumni living abroad.