The Canadian Foundation for Innovation announced it's funding five Western-led research projects last week.

The federal innovation fund is meant to provide deserving researchers with money to pursue their research. This year, $554 million was invested in 117 new projects.

About $14 million was awarded to the Western University projects.

David Shoesmith, a professor of chemistry, is leading one of the five projects selected. The project will receive $4.47 million. Shoesmith's research focuses on the physical and chemical degradation of materials.

Shoesmith said this research would be important to a number of social issues, like safely dealing with nuclear waste, effective oil and gas transmission and even how surgical implants affect the body.

Shoesmith stresses that the application was, and continues to be, a team effort.

“It’s kind of like winning a team game," Shoesmith said. "You realize that the government recognizes that this is a focal point and that there is a need for the kind of research you do."

He also highlights that being able to work at Western plays a role in the likelihood of the research being funded, as the institution's ability to support these projects is important.

Only six other post-secondary institutions in Canada had five or more projects funded by the CFI. 

The other Western projects being funded are listed below.

Facility for Microcirculatory Imaging and Tissue Analysis (Dr. Geoffrey Pickering)Four-dimensional imaging of microvascular systems in order to better understand the origins of cardiovascular disease. $1.9 million
Infectious Disease Pathogenesis Facility (Dr. Eric Arts)Establishment of a biological containment facility in order to carry out assessments of interactions between pathogens and hosts.$3.2 million 
News Horizons in Human Cognitive Neuroscience Research at the Brain and Mind Institute (Dr. Melvyn Goodale)Using neuroscience tools to study normal and abnormal motor development and cognitive behaviour.  $1.47 million 
Minimally-Invasive Surgery and Therapy Canada Foundation for Innovation (Dr. Terence Peters)Rebuilding existing equipment at the Robarts Research Institute as well as an animal operating suite for minimally invasive surgeries. $2.7 million