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Western student senators are opening four new volunteer student positions as part of a drive to increase student engagement with the University Senate. 

The four positions are: two co-directors of research, one director of public affairs/press secretary and one director of policy. There are currently 14 undergraduate and four graduate student senators. 

“One thing that was really important to us was that we bring more students into the process," said Harry Orbach-Miller, chair of the Western student senators. “We’re bringing people who may not have experience with Senate into the process and also in a more cross functional role.”

According to the application form, co-directors of research will be responsible for working with student senators to gather evident for policy proposals, conducting research in areas such as quantifying student concerns and surveys and researching how other universities senates operate.

The director of policy will help student senators come up with tangible policies, write proposals and research policies at other institutions. 

The director of public affairs/press secretary will be responsible for creating public campaigns, managing social media accounts and working with campus media.

Orbach-Miller said all the positions are interlinked and estimates the time commitments will be two to five hours per week. 
Introducing new positions to increase student involvement is something Orbach-Miller and Courtney Hardy, vice-chair of the Western student senators, have thought about since first running for their positions. 
Orbach-Miller said with the introduction of these new positions, senators will be able to focus on their key priorities — engaging with students and advocating on their behalf.
Additionally, this year each faculty council will have a senator responsible for attending the council's meetings to increase senator involvement.
Applications close on Friday, Sept. 30 at 11:59 p.m.


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