Today is International Women’s Day. Here's what it means to Western University students and staff.

Hannah Frassinelli, March 8, 2018. Michael Conley / GAZETTE

Hannah Frassinelli,  third year, women's studies

“International Women's Day is about recognizing all the women that have gone unrecognized throughout history, all the amazing things they have been able to do and the things they have been unable to do.”

Jenny Zhang, March 8, 2018. Michael Conley / GAZETTE

Jenny Zhang, second year, medical sciences

“International Women's Day has always been about celebrating women and celebrating gender equality, but I think this year, especially in the wake of all the Hollywood allegations, a lot of people are starting to think a little bit differently about International Women's Day. It's about what's really going on behind the scenes and getting more women to come forward.”

Andrew Zouki, March 8, 2018. Michael Conley / GAZETTE

Andrew Zouki, third year, business

“It's about appreciating and recognizing all the strong and powerful women in our lives who have helped to make us the best people we can be."

Samantha Gianotti, March 8, 2018. Michael Conley / GAZETTE

Samantha Gianotti, registered dietitian at Western's Dietitian Services

“Over 90 per cent of dieticians are women, so it's so important to support other women and their business ventures and their careers. I am also a mom, and I have a daughter, so it's important to me that she grows up in a world where women can do whatever they want and be respected as equals."

Aida Noorbakhsh, March 8, 2018. Michael Conley / GAZETTE

Aida Noorbakhsh, third year, kinesiology

“It is a day to celebrate all the powerful women around the world who have been suppressed or who have been told they couldn't do something because of their gender."

Dwayne Francis, March 8, 2017. Michael Conley / GAZETTE

Dwayne Francis, third year, health sciences

“I'm a big fan of my mom; she's made me the person I am today, so celebrating people like her and the important and strong women in our lives is what it's all about."

Roann Enriquez and Megha Vohra, March 8, 2018. Michael Conley / GAZETTE

Megha Vohra, second year, medical sciences

“Women have been really underrepresented, so having a day that celebrates all the achievements that women have accomplished in the last years is an amazing feat."

Roann Enriquez, third year, political science

“This past summer, I went on a global international exchange to Indonesia where I helped women who came from low income families create their own social business."

Leslie Wu, March 8, 2018. Michael Conley / GAZETTE

Leslie Wu, first year, engineering 

“I believe that women, even though they haven't been as represented, have one of the most important roles in society."