Middlesex College, one of the most iconic buildings on campus, was built in 1959. 


In 50 years Western students will read into the minds of current students and future alumni as part of the time capsule project to celebrate Canada's 150th birthday.

Josh Morgan, recruitment and development officer for the local government program at Western, is working as the head of the time capsule project as part of the Canada 150 committee. 

The project's committee will be collecting messages from staff, faculty, alumni, students and the wider community and will be putting them together in an enclosed capsule this fall. This time capsule will be stored at Weldon library and will be opened in 50 years. What Western will do with the items in the capsule will be up to whoever is in charge in 50 years to decide. Morgan imagines a display of messages posted along a hallway for display where students will be able to walk up and read each message.  

“The importance of this time capsule is two things: one, to provide an opportunity for the Western and wider community to participate in a project to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary and two, to capture a snapshot in time of what its like to live in 2017 as a member of the Western community and as a Canadian,” said Morgan.  

This time capsule is unique as it will be constructed by Western Engineering students, and instead of predominately collecting items to put into the capsule — although there will be a few things — the project's main objective is to collect messages in order to capture the culture of the day. 

Morgan encourages everyone to participate in the project and to feel free to include messages that students will want to read in 50 years. Morgan wants to capture a snapshot of a point in time, he wants people in 50 years to understand what life is like as a Western student in 2017. 

“It’s easy to put stuff in a time capsule but it’s very hard to capture the culture of the day, the thoughts, aspirations, hopes of individuals at a certain point of time,” said Morgan.  

The official launch of the time capsule project will be in the fall, at which time the Canada 150 committee will begin accepting messages. The project will run until the end of the 2017 year. 

Morgan encourages every student, group and team at Western to participate in this important and worthwhile event that captures life at Western at this point in time. 

If you have any questions about the time capsule project you can reach out to Canada150@uwo.ca.   


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