Re: The classic leftist approach to silencing dissent 

NEWS FLASH: Protesters are in no way equivalent to the Chinese government. To say all leftists are akin to the brutal authoritarian regime of China is like saying all right-wingers are akin to Pinochet. It’s extremely hyperbolic and dangerous rhetoric the Gazette frankly shouldn’t have published.

Western doesn’t enjoy an unlimited amount of time or space with which to dole out to speakers. It is in fact an institution that must be selective in who it allows to present on campus for no other reason than physical practicality. Must Western allow me to give a lecture on the ending of Neon Genesis Evangelion? Is Western inhibiting free flowing debate by not letting me present on the communist plot to corrupt our youth through fluoridated water? Obviously not; to do so would be to inflict ridiculous and irresponsible views on the student body and a waste of time and resources, just as this is.

No one wants to prevent Jordan Peterson from cry-typing a 3 a.m. tweet about the "liberal cucks" oppressing him. His freedom of speech is in no way being suppressed, the government is not arresting him. People are allowed to disagree with others' opinions and abhorrent opinions such as his can have personal and professional consequences. Peterson though poses a real danger to trans people on campus, who have paid money to be here.

His rhetoric dehumanizes them and advocates for suppressing their rights. His coming to campus directly undermines the physical wellbeing of Western students, end of story.

— Ciarán Murdock, Creative Writing II