To whom it may concern,

I really liked my experiences at Western, but I have to say that I was deeply shocked that exams were not cancelled yesterday [April 14]. We are talking about an almost unprecedented, if not completely unprecedented, ice storm. I understand that there are significant administrative and operational costs associated with canceling exams, but there was also significant risk of being in a serious car accident driving yesterday. I hate to be the one to chastise Western, because, as I have said, I really like the school, but whomever makes the call about weather cancellations should know how reckless of a managerial decision it was to proceed with examination as scheduled yesterday.

How would you feel if your son, or daughter, or friend was injured (or worse) when they were just trying to be a good student, and when they should have been safe at home. To ask students to risk their lives so that the university is not inconvenienced by rescheduling exams is indefensible. The decision to keep the university open yesterday was wholly misguided, and I sincerely hope you learn from this egregious mistake.

With outrage and disappointment,

— Christopher Austin, a fourth-year honors English student