Re: Justin Trudeau brings his circus of incompetence to London 

I support Trudeau and its not because he's "daddy." As Trudeau is set to touchdown in London this Friday, many people such as myself are more than willing to pay for a $30 Uber and stand in line to ask him a 30 second question.

Let's address what should be obvious here: Trudeau won a historic majority government not on looks alone, but rather because of his promises. Although, some would have you believe otherwise, people such as myself who still proudly support Trudeau, are going to his town hall not for the 'smoke and mirrors show," but to do what any responsible citizen needs to do — hold him to his promises.

I won't try to pretend that Trudeau has been perfect. Please allow me to skip the colourful rhetoric and poll numbers that hold no meaning this early on. However, allow me to talk about the facts. Trudeau has had his shortcomings, yes, but 25,000 refugees are now safe and have a road map to citizenship. A long overdue national inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous women has been launched, and Bill C-16, a bill which will give transgender people the same protection as everyone else is on its way to becoming a reality.

In this partisan mess of politics we often forget that the opposite side has the capacity to do good as well. Not every Trudeau supporter is a blind victim to his glamour, some of us have very legitimate aspirations and beliefs which Trudeau still represents.

- Frank Ye, medical sciences II