Re: Jordan Peterson doesn’t need a platform at Western

The Gazette’s editorial board has gotten a head start on promoting conformity and intellectual intolerance, as is seen by a short article so full of the most idiotic hypocrisy that it’s amazing the readers are expected to take it seriously.  

The article makes the case that Jordan Peterson, a tenured psychology professor at the University of Toronto, shouldn’t have a platform to speak. Why? Because he refuses to recognize the legitimacy of trans and non-binary people, and is therefore discriminatory.

Everyone knows that free speech is under assault on campuses across Canada and the U.S., and Western is certainly no exception. I expected a few fragile social justice warriors to start crying when they announced that Peterson was coming, so an article condemning him is no surprise.

What is really shocking to me is the blatant and laughable hypocrisy of the piece. The article repeatedly emphasizes the importance of free speech, while simultaneously arguing that such free speech shouldn’t be granted to people who are seen as “discriminatory.”

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why the piece is so hypocritical. Of course these authoritarians won’t openly say that they despise the expression of controversial and provocative opinions, and would love to have such expression stopped by any means necessary. Why? Because if they did, everyone would see just how absurd and intellectually intolerant they really are.  

Fortunately, crying, complaining, and general indignation isn’t enough to stop Peterson speaking, and the overwhelmingly negative response that the article has gotten, and deserves, is incredibly reassuring. So get those trigger warnings ready kids, Jordan Peterson, and the opinions he has a right to express, are coming to Western whether you like it or not.

  - Dean Barlett, Philosophy I