RE: "Petitions spark student demand for better mental health supports," Feb. 24, 2016.

As a student at Brescia University College and as someone who personally struggles with mental illnesses, I am absolutely disturbed by the amount of discrimination I have experienced on campus and how the University responds to mental health crises.

It is absolutely inappropriate of the University to require students to sign a contract stating they will provide personal information such as notes from their doctor verifying that it is safe for them to reside in residence, as well as personal information regarding appointments because of their mental illness to residence staff in order to be able to remain in residence for the sole purposes of protecting the University from any liabilities.

The University has to make a shift in their attitudes towards mental health — a shift towards focusing on caring about and accommodating for their students, as opposed to thinking about the student with a mental illness as a "risk" or "liability." After all, mental illnesses are no different than physical illnesses. Yet, they seem to be treated in such a way.

— Kristin Legault 

Psychology I