Re: Jordan Peterson doesn't need a platform at Western

In the Gazette’s recent piece on Dr. Peterson’s upcoming talk at Western, the editorial board asserts that some people should not “have the right to a platform for their opinion.”

This blatantly authoritarian sentiment is unfortunately becoming more and more common on university campuses across North America, and it is mildly disconcerting to say the least. Instead of promoting free and open debate, there is an emerging desire among the political left to silence differing opinions.

If the Gazette’s recent editorial is to be taken seriously, which is somewhat hard to believe, then it begs the following questions: If Dr. Peterson should not be allowed to speak at Western, should he also be banned from U of T? Should he be prevented from publishing academic papers? Should it be up to a left-leaning school newspaper to decide who can and cannot speak at our university?

The answer to these questions is, of course, no. However, the editors at the Gazette seem utterly confused about their role as a paper. A newspaper should be committed to the examination of all viewpoints, not the silencing of ones with which it disagrees. No one, certainly not a group of amateur journalists, can tell free citizens which arguments they are permitted to listen to, and which ideas they are allowed explore.

The Gazette’s attempt to do so is an insult to students at Western and a disgrace to the institution of higher education.

- Kyle Maresky, Engineering I

President, Young Canadians in Action