Re: Exclusion of pro-life feminists from Women's March was a mistake 

I’d like to thank Mike DeBoer for his courage in tackling the controversial mix of abortion, feminism and American politics in his recent column.

The attempted exclusion of pro-life feminists from the Women’s March was indeed an absurd move and a classic “No true Scotsman” (Scotswoman?) moment.

As a pro-life woman who desires equal rights for my fellow females, I was disappointed (though not surprised) when pro-life groups like New Wave Feminists were given the boot from the March. It was supposed to be a march against Trump’s disturbing misogyny — why would being pro-life make someone incapable of opposing sexism? Isn’t feminism at its core supposed to be about the pursuit of equal rights? That is exactly what pro-life activists of any gender do.

We advocate for the human rights of pre-born children, who are violently denied the right to life and face dismemberment and disembowelment through abortion.

It is shameful that some pro-life feminists faced violence from some other feminists at the March, but this violence pales in comparison to what pre-born children must endure.

If women’s rights are human rights and human rights are women’s rights, then we must ask: Who counts as human?

-Maria McCann, arts and humanities IV