David Dibrina and Harry Orbach-Miller have dedicated four years serving the Western student body. They accomplished a lot.

Whether it was promoting Ally Western or making Senate great again, both David and Harry deserve praise for their accomplishments.

However, what they intend to do right now is far from praiseworthy. I will leave the merits of the appeal for others to discuss in detail, but it is clear to me that David and Harry have very little chance of winning. The rules are simply not on their side. Further, they should not win this appeal.

Taking everything into account, nothing Team Tobi did justifies a disqualification. Team DiBrina is not trying to ensure fairness, they are attempting to use a bad system to their benefit — something a USC President shouldn’t do.

Part of me understands why David and Harry are doing this. They care and they deeply want to win. Yet, nothing good can come of this appeal. 

Through my experience, I have seen the good and the bad of the USC. Losing a PVP election is a tough pill to swallow, especially when the margins are substantial. I know this because it happened to me.

Going through an appeal process is arduous to say the least. I know this because I was the CRO when Litchfield was disqualified.

Team Tobi won 49% of the vote. They won the election with more votes than any presidential candidate in the last ten years. David and Harry should withdraw their appeal.

-Robbie Cohen, BMOS V