Re: Hiding bigotry in the language of democracy 

The flames of intolerance are stoked. The hypocrisy exposed.

Zayd Khraishi appeals to the classic leftist approach to silence dissenters: out them as white, cisgender males. Zayd claims he doesn't want a "safe space" but he and others ask for a place without confrontation, debate, or thought. University is no place for these people. Frank Ye suggests to receive refutation for your ideas is not the same as revocation of freedom of speech. He is correct. But any attempt to prevent student access to dissenting views prevents the opportunity for refutation.

Peterson was provided a platform by hundreds of curious minded students. Any authoritarian attempt to prevent its use suggests an entitlement to decide what views the student body may be subjected to. The Gazette’s editorial board is not so entitled. Some may refuse to engage in intellectual conversation about free speech, government regulation, and the legitimacy of fluid gender identity. That choice is theirs. But the campus community should not be insulated because of the inability of some to be challenged.

We need only examine Middlebury College to recognize the travesty that is authoritarian suppression of ideas, where last week political scientist Allison Stanger was violently assaulted by the intolerant left in their effort to suppress intellectual thought on their campus.

As Frank Ye alluded to, in 1989 people fought against the leftists in support of democracy. Individuals must continue to do the same now on college campuses throughout Canada and the United States, lest universities become bastions of indoctrination.

— Joshua D. Wright, PhD candidate, Social Psychology and Collaborative Program in Migration and Ethnic Studies