Re: Free speech is under assault on North American campuses 

In a recent letter to the editor, a writer argued that the “amateur journalists” at the Western Gazette were “utterly confused about their role as a paper.” He was upset about a recent editorial in the Gazette where the editors had argued that Western should not provide a platform for Jordan Peterson, a controversial University of Toronto professor.

For those who don’t know, an editorial is an opinionated piece put forth by the editors about a topic of interest. Arguing that Gazette's opinionated editorial is an attack on free speech and should not have been published is, ironically, the greater attack on free speech.

Nowhere in the Gazette’s editorial are they telling people who they should and shouldn’t listen to. In fact, it was the exact opposite — the Gazette numerously put forth their belief that hearing differing points of view is hugely important and that the focus should be on discussion without discrimination. I remember when Donald Trump first ran for election, I never thought he’d win. Neither did anybody else apparently.

Everyone watched on as Donald Trump was allowed every chance to spread hateful and divisive rhetoric. Now he’s President. And the “Trump Effect” has seen a surge in hate crimes in the US. Maybe it’s time to start taking a heavy look at who we are giving a soapbox and the content of what they are saying, instead of simply blaming all censorship on excessive liberal political correctness.

— A.J. Clark, Medical Sciences III