Re: Western students lose access to past course content

Students were loud and clear on their dissatisfaction with the changes to OWL that resulted in the disappearance of their previous course materials.

There was no hesitation from your University Students' Council executive team to bring this to the attention of members of the university administration. After good discussion, steps were taken by administration and Western IT services to provide students access to their OWL materials upon request. A notice is on everyone's OWL site outlining the simple process that students can now use to retrieve previous course materials.

If you require access to old OWL course content pre-dating spring/summer 2017, please contact the Western Technology Services helpdesk. For assistance locating specific course reading material formerly accessed via OWL, e.g. journal articles or book chapters, please contact Western Libraries at While this situation was not ideal for any student, it became a priority for our USC executive to provide an immediate solution for students. I am grateful that more students will be able to re-access the materials they require, and I appreciate the energy that provost Janice Deakin's office and vice-provost (academic programs) John Doerksen have put into helping to resolve this issue.

—Landon Tulk, USC vice-president