Pro-Life Rally, Image

A member of Western's Lifeline organization speaks to a student during their pro-life demonstration, Oct. 17, 2017. In the background are flags representing fetuses which the group feels have been unethically aborted in Canada.

In Canada, our age demographic is attributed with having the highest number of abortions; this is an issue that impacts each one of us deeply. As the president of Western Lifeline, I’m glad that our campus is being spurred to so much discussion about abortion. I thank the many students who have engaged in respectful conversation with our club members.

Western Lifeline exists to make the injustice of abortion unthinkable on our campus. Human rights should start when the human being starts, and we know from science that human life begins at fertilization. And yet, in Canada, approximately 275 pre-born children are killed every day through abortion. Why does our country deny human rights to the youngest of our kind? While some may argue in favour of a woman’s bodily autonomy, we cannot forget that abortion destroys the other human body in a pregnancy. 

In order to end the killing of pre-born children, we must make their plight impossible to ignore and their humanity impossible to deny. We display ultrasound images to provide visual evidence of the scientific reality that children in the womb are living human beings. Claims that these photos are graphic and disturbing are difficult for me to understand. These are photos of living, healthy children, much like the ultrasound images that proud pregnant parents will show to their friends. Perhaps students are referring to the abortion victim photography shown by groups like London Against Abortion. Those photographs are indeed disturbing, as they show the reality that abortion dismembers, disembowels and decapitates a young human. But if we cannot bear to look at images of aborted children, why do we tolerate the act itself? 

The circumstances surrounding pregnancy and abortion are often very difficult, and we need authentic solutions. We sincerely desire to support students who are struggling during and after pregnancy or after abortion. There is immense support available, such as pregnancy care centres like Birthright, after-abortion groups like Silent No More and local programs like the Nurse-Family Partnership at the Middlesex-London Health Unit.

Whenever human beings are dehumanized, there you will always find injustice. Today, this trend tragically continues in many areas of society, including Canada's position on abortion. I hope everyone on campus has a chance to talk with us — whatever your beliefs are about abortion. Abortion is too important an issue to ignore.

— Maria McCann, president of Western Lifeline


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