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Senate provides students the opportunity to make impactful change, which can influence every student’s academic experience at Western University. If you’ve ever taken a course at Western or at one of the affiliates, it has surely been governed by rules approved by Senate.

At first, many may be surprised by the amount of influence student senators can have in contributing to new academic policies and guiding the priorities of university administration and executives.

Last semester, Western student senators had the opportunity to meet with Western’s provost Janice Deakin, during which we discussed improvements to course registration, mental health and wellness, academic accommodation and pedestrian safety, to name a few topics. Meanwhile, this month, the student senators met with Western's president Amit Chakma to discuss student driven priorities such as pass/fail courses, student tuition and Homecoming.

In the last two years, Western’s student senators have accomplished many feats, such as Fall Reading Week, the 15 per cent rule (all courses required to provide at least 15 per cent of grade to students before the course-drop deadline) and an earlier release of the final exam schedule.

As your outgoing Western student senator chair and vice-chair, we cannot stress the importance of having an engaged student body. Your vote in these elections matter. Your vote can help shape your academic experience at Western. The individuals elected to Senate are the voices that will represent you when it comes to addressing both staff and the administration. They will guide the direction of the Western Student Senators to properly inform the university about which academic policy changes you, the students, believe are priorities.

Most candidates have released their platforms on social media, and we encourage you to read them to make an informed vote. A list of the candidates and a short bio can be found here.

Voting polls will be open from Monday, Feb. 12 at 8:00 a.m. until Tuesday, February 13 at 8:00 p.m. Student advocacy works best when we all work for it, and this involves making sure you vote. As always, feel free to ask any of your current student senators questions and tell us how we can help you.

—  Western Student Senators chair Courtney Hardy and vice-chair Rav Datta



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