When it comes to personal goalie stats, the Mustang goaltenders have two different approaches. One doesn't care too much about the numbers, while the other prefers to keep up to date on how efficeintly they've been stopping the puck.

"I have no idea what [my stats] are right now," says Kelly Campbell, the starter for Western's women's team. "Every once in a while I'll check ... like once a month. But not often."

If the St. Thomas native were to check, she would find that she's putting up the best numbers of her career; she is 6–0–1 this season with a 1.11 goals-against-average and a .955 save percentage.

Meanwhile Greg Dodds, who has earned the starter's role for the men's team for the first time in his university career, is finding just as much success. He's well aware that he's leading Ontario University Athletics with a 1.76 goals-against-average and .949 save percentage in 8 starts this season. His record is 6–2–0.

With both Mustang hockey teams out to fast starts, it seemed natural to profile the athletes who protect the Mustangs crease. They therefore have been co-named the Purple Pipe athlete of the week.

Between the two, there are more differences than just how they view their stats.

Campbell is in her fourth year at Western and is studying aviation management, while Dodds is in his second, studying kinesiology. Campbell has been a starter in all of her four years at university, whereas Dodds has taken over the reigns from alumnus Josh Unice this season. Campbell is unsure of what she will doing when she graduates – in a few months – but says she eventually wants to be a pilot. Dodds want to continue playing hockey for as long as he can, even if it means travelling to Europe – which other Mustang alumni have done before.

But they're both here at Western for the same reason: family.

Dodds played Junior A hockey in North Bay two years ago – where he won a championship – but his family is from Wingham, Ontario, just north of London.

"My family would have to watch my games on TV instead of coming to watch in person," he says. "So I know they were happy to come here instead of the States. It’s a lot less of a hassle."

Campbell's family is also from nearby; St. Thomas, just south of London, so attending games for them has never been an issue.

With their families often in attendance, both have shined in the 2014–15 season.

Both teams have gone through changes from last season, and both goalies have different theories for the quick starts.

"Our team unity is a lot better," says Campbell of the women's team, which has yet to lose in regulation and is in first in the OUA. "We don’t have anyone who really stands out. We just have a bunch of girls who work their butts off every game."

The stats show Campbell's statement rings true. Fourteen different players have scored a goal so far this season, and only three skaters haven't recorded a point.

As for the men's team, losing their three top point scorers may have proved beneficial, according to Dodds. Western is no longer scoring four goals a game, but the team is more focused on work ethic.

"There were times last year where we would sit back in a game and wait for us to have a powerplay because we knew ... we were going to get a goal," he says. "I feel like this year we are more apt to go out and work for one five-on-five."

So while both teams will do their best to keep up their work ethic, these two backstoppers will do their best to control the score.


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