Amy is a second year English and Visual Arts student in Western's faculty of Arts and Humanities. This is her first year as a culture editor at the Gazette. For comments or feedback, email her at



Home town

Chatham, Ontario

Why do people become so cowardly when it comes to romantic or sexual encounters? If you’re only interested in hooking up, make that clear; if you’re interested in something more, make that clear and invest in a real date.


The room is dimly-lit but for three salt lamps dotting the space between yoga mats. It’s 12 p.m. and I’m eager to reap the benefits of meditation that I’ve been hearing so much about.

Founded by Western alumni, is an industry leading website connecting voice actors to companies worldwide. Based in London Ontario, the company presents unique career opportunities for Western students.


Lauren O'Donnell loves thrift shopping and upcycling her clothes, it's become a fashion trend that is both sustainable, generates less waste and is easier on a student's wallet.

Filthy Rebena co-owner Natalie Bradshaw 

Western celebrates one year as a fair trade campus, making it easier to buy ethically sourced chocolates this Valentine's Day.

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