Jen Tombs

Theatre Western pulls out the stops for a musical about dancing, dreams and determination.

This limited-release documentary on an infamously mysterious religion is well worth catching.

The Why Feminism Matters Coffeehouse was organized by the Women’s Issues Network (WIN) as a way celebrating women and drawing attention to feminist issues.

On Intentional Women's Week we need to acknowledge how colonialism and gender are linked in Canada.


Now that chain restaurants are required to post how many calories are in their menu items, it might make students think twice about what they choose to eat.

Seven years after their last project, Surfer Blood releases a good but formulaic album. 

HUDS takes to the Beaver Dam for a performance of a Broadway classic.

Huron's student theatre group, HUDS, is providing a fresh new take on the famous musical, Company.

Western offers a wide range of foods - but it can be difficult to maintain a balanced diet on campus.

Dystopian stories are becoming more popular with audiences across North America; professors Tim Blackmore and Miranda Green-Barteet weigh in.

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